Reader Reviews

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I'm not the family birder.  My husband is willing to get up early and, binoculars in his hand, walk about with others, spotting and counting the feathered friends.  That's not me.  However, I delight in the articles about birds written by Diana Churchill. They're informative without being dull, witty without being silly, and just plain great to read. I’m glad that she has finally compiled some into a book!
Julie Hirsch, Savannah, GA

My wife always puts Diana's delightful bird articles next to my morning coffee. I find reading them is as enjoyable as watching the birds in my backyard. 
Jim Younggreen, Savannah, GA

If you’re a veteran birder, Diana’s colorful stories will revive your own joyful birding experiences; if you’re a casual nature watcher, her entertaining observations and wonderful photographs will lure you to the Low Country and the lifelong pleasure of birding.
Patricia E. Metz
U. S. Fish & Wildlife Service ranger, retired

All Low Country birders interested in knowing when, how, and where to find birds along the southern Atlantic Coast should own this book!  Diana’s book, with its thorough examination of our avifauna by season and habitat, not to mention the wonderful photography, will become an instant companion volume to birding field guides.
Larry Carlile, Wildlife Biologist
Fort Stewart, GA

I found this book to be a delightful read. Diana brings birding and nature to life. She shows a genuine love and understanding of the local birdlife that takes bird watching beyond just checking a bird off on a list.
Steve Calver, Biologist
Savannah, GA

Diana has a way with words that intrigues, entertains, and makes memorable
her ever-growing body of birding knowledge. She can inspirenon-birders as well as impress the experts. Her ability to communicate herpassion for the feathered is beautifully enhanced by her fabulous photos.If a picture is worth a thousand words, this book is full of bonuses. Whetheryou want a guide that’s useful and easy to use, or you’re just looking for agood read, you’ll find it here.             
Joyce Murlless, Executive Director
Wilderness Southeast

Excellent article on the swallow-tailed kites. You have such style!  Great facts as well.  You know how we biologists appreciate accuracy.
E. J. Williams, Biologist

As a long time admirer of pelicans, I want to tell you how much I enjoyed and appreciated your column.  You capture their majesty so well with your words.  It is unusual to find photos of pelicans in flight and yours is perfect!  I loved your story about swimming with the pelicans. Your niece was much more understanding than my sons (now adult) who used to move far away from me when I tried to talk to the pelicans. Thanks again for a wonderful column.
Karen M., Savannah, GA

Thanks for the brief, clear descriptions of these long-legged wading birds in your
Savannah Morning News article. It inspired me to get out note cards and resolve (again) to become more familiar with the beauties living their daily lives right outside our old marsh-front cabin. 
Dorothy D., Savannah, GA

I finally had a chance to read the article about cedar waxwings. I had to laugh out loud at some of the waxwings' antics and habits! You're a really great writer! Maybe someday you could put all of your columns in your own book.
Nancy P., Pearland, TX

Thank goodness for your column on the Pine warblers. I live out in Springfield and have an addiction for feeding wild birds.  Twice a day, I put a finch food blend on my railing and no sooner than a few kernels hit than this little bird would land about 15-18 inches from me and feed. Remaining quiet enticed him to stay.  I was confusing this little bird with the host of gold finches that had been devouring my nyjer seed when I began to realize it just didn’t look like the rest of the finches.  My bird identification book made me think warbler was the closest, but I couldn’t pinpoint which one he was.  Your column solved my problem. Thank you.  I am new to the south.  You have introduced new species to me for which I am grateful.
Lorraine E., Springfield, GA

 Although I am not a bird watcher, I enjoyed your article on Black Skimmers.  We are very lucky to have many birds in our area, Fairway Oaks.  We even have a number of nesting owls.  Maybe some day I will have the pleasure to see a Black Skimmer.     
Jim M., Savannah, GA